30 Spanish phrases/words

30 Spanish phrases/words that got me throught first few month of Living in Costa Rica

It is very hard learning a new language, especially when you go living abroad. For exchange students it’s especially especially hard because they are usually sorrounded by people who don’t share a common mother-tongue or even a common language. That’s when your whole life because your classroom, you learn through listening and experiencing the language and the culture itself. So as someone who has been struggling for 3 months now, I want to show you what 30 phrases/words I used to survive my very first month in Costa Rica. I hope it will be helpful for those starting this beautiful adventure of languge learning.


WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 18.46.211.¿Puedo ayudar?:

Can I help?


2. ¿Donde está?:

Where is it?


3. ¿Cómo?:


Also used when you couldn’’t hear something, and ask “what?”


4. ¿Que es esto?:

What is this?


5. Yo necesito:

I need


6. Cuando:



7. Me gusta/No me gusta

I like it/I don’t like it


8. Voy a…(bañar, comer, dormir)

I am going to…(shower/eat/sleep)


9. A veces



10. El/Ella dijo

He/She said


11. Tengo…(sueño, hambre, sed)

I have

Also used when you are tired/hungry/thirsty. Literally translates to:

I have tired/hungry/thirsty


WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 18.45.4612. Ayudáme:

Help me


13. Venga aquí

Come here


14. No lo sé

I don’t know


15. Entiendo

I understand


16. Algo



17. ¿Cómo se hace?

How do I do this?


18. Esperese



19. Despacio



20. Parecido



21. Duele (Mi estomago/caveza duele)

Hurts (My stomach/head hurts)WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 18.45.37


22. Soy de Hungría

I am from Hungary


23. ¿Por que?



24. ¿Que esta haciendo?

What are you doing?


25. Hoy



26. ¿A que hora vamos?

What time are we going?


27. ¿Cómo se dice?

How do you do it?


28. Yo quero…(comprar shampoo)

I want to…(buy shampoo)


29. ¿Tiene un paño?:

Do you have a towel?


30. Yo fuí (al cine)

I went to the movie-theatre


It’s hard but at the end it’s all worth it…

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-06 at 18.51.20


  1. Beth Van Bebber

    Love it! Especially the pictures because I feel (or have felt) this way learning Hungarian. When do you come home for the holidays? Keep enjoying and learning! Mrs. Van Bebber 🙂


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